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Welcome To Simfresh International

Simfresh International is an Agribusiness Development Company based in Johannesburg, South Africa and Harare, Zimbabwe. We focus on promoting and developing small holder and emerging farmers in Africa through active participation. We engage and partner with all major stakeholders in the industry at all stages of the fresh produce production chain.Our company is placed in following countries :

  • South Africa
  • Swaziland
  • Zimbabwe


Our Vision at Simfresh

An increase in the number of viable, vibrant and sustainable commercial small scale and emerging farmers in Africa
participating on global world markets.


Our Mission at Simfresh

To face the challenges of food insecurity, unemployment, poverty eradication and entrepreneurship through an integrated approach for skills development, mentoring and active participation

Business Model

Simfresh Products & Services

Production model

Model is based on first identifying the markets then we engage farmers to produce specific crops e.g. sweet potatoes for the targeted markets

The Simfresh Difference

We focus on developing the farmer in a pragmatic and holistic way over time. We know farmers are more interested in improving what they do so as to improve their income and productivity.

We work with them to do just that and offer our expertise in a collegial approach where everyone learns and gains. We go beyond training, we incubate farmers, through a long-term relationship and link them to all their other needs through strategic partnerships